» Global Leaders Class

The Global Leaders Program at the Faculty of Economics selects approximately 15 outstanding students at the end of their first academic year to enroll in our Global Leaders Class (GLC). The selection process evaluates candidates’ GPA, English language skills and motivation, and also includes individual interviews. GLC students are recommended to start by participating actively in the Faculty’s small-group academic English and English communication skills courses and basic seminars taught by foreign faculty members, as well as basic seminars in economics offered in English by both Japanese and foreign faculty members as part of the Global Leaders Curriculum.


GLC members are also expected to take part in short-term overseas field studies, and will therefore be given priority over non-GLC students when registering for field trips abroad and their respective preparation courses. After completing his or her short-term overseas field studies, each student will select a foreign university from among our academic exchange partners and go on a study-abroad program for 6 months to one year, as a next important step towards gaining the kind of experience and international perspectives that are considered necessary for successful global leaders. Upon their return to Japan, our GLC students have further opportunities to improve their language skills by taking more advanced academic English classes.


GLC participants will ultimately be required to obtain 60% or more of their Faculty credits from courses taught in English. Upon successful completion of all program requirements, students will receive a special “Global Leaders Program Certificate” issued by our program.



Kickoff Meeting for the 2019 Global Leaders Class Held on March 25, 2019


Kickoff Meeting for the 2020 Global Leaders Class Held on March 24, 2020


Kickoff Meeting (via Zoom) for the 2021 Global Leaders Class Held on March 24, 2021


Kickoff Meeting (via Zoom) for the 2022 Global Leaders Class Held on March 24, 2022