Motohiro Sato

Dean, Graduate School of Economics & Faculty of Economics


International exchanges, which had been temporarily suspended due to the spread of the new coronavirus, have become active again. Hitotsubashi University has resumed sending students and accepting students from overseas universities. The aim of our university is to develop “global human resources”. These “global human resources” are not limited to being able to communicate in foreign languages such as English. They have the ability to discover domestic and global issues, collecting information and references in English, and then to solve them through analysis and discussion.


The world has changed greatly after the Covid 19 pandemic. We are now confronted with many challenges such as income inequality and poverty, environmental (global warming) problems, national security (defense), and aging society. I hope that you will proactively work on these issues with “problem awareness” and “curiosity” throughout your four years as a university student. The theoretical and empirical knowledge of economics you learn should help you do that.


Hitotsubashi University Faculty of Economics has been implementing the Global Leaders Program (GLP) since 2013. The aim is to develop leaders who have excellent communication skills in English and other languages, and who can play an active role in Japan and overseas based on their analytical skills in economics. Hitotsubashi University’s slogan, “Captain of Industry,” calls for the development of leaders who will lead the times. Specifically, GLP includes basic and applied courses in English, long-term study abroad, and short-term overseas research in China and Europe (sometimes online). As an abroad destination, the Faculty of Economics has concluded exchange agreements with several famous overseas universities.


It will be a meaningful opportunity for everyone to open their eyes to the world.




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