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Etsuro Shioji

Dean, Graduate School of Economics & Faculty of Economics



The economy and society of Japan are currently being confronted with various pressing issues. Aside from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the country’s aging population is a threat to the sustainability of social security, while its declining labor force along with stagnant productivity and slowing innovation remain nagging concerns. Significant advances in IT are accompanied by the ever-increasing presence and influence of global mega-corporations, while the inequality between rich and poor continues to widen and the privacy of citizens is being threatened. The current situation of eroding liberal values, growing narrow-minded populism and rising intolerance is further complicated by urgent international problems such as global warming, environmental pollution, trade conflicts, and ethnic confrontation.


Hitotsubashi University has thus far produced numerous leaders in Japan’s socioeconomic sphere. However, what is a global leader in the contemporary world? Such a person needs to understand complicated situations and explore appropriate solutions, which requires an ability to blend broad knowledge with deep expertise. Furthermore, in order to come up with real-world solutions on the global arena, one needs a strong motivation and tenacity in trying to achieve consensus among groups of people coming from diverse cultural backgrounds, adhering to different values, and holding divergent opinions. It is one of our university’s most important missions to foster skilled professionals capable of assuming roles of leadership in helping reach the kinds of collective decisions that facilitate a better international economy and society.


Since 2013, the Faculty of Economics at Hitotsubashi University has offered a Global Leaders Program (GLP) aimed at cultivating such global leaders in possession of both expert knowledge in economics and advanced communication skills in English and Japanese. Our program provides various kinds of academic support to its participants who take multiple courses in English, including Language for Economics, Introductory and Special Seminars, as well as a number of specialized subjects in economics. GLP students can also participate in short-term international field studies in Asian and European countries, and are furthermore given plentiful longer-term study abroad opportunities. (Currently, the actual implementation of the overseas portions of the program is subject to possible changes due to the pandemic.) Last but not least, our globally oriented faculty with rich international experience are here to give their wholehearted support to GLP students.


We shall be delighted to welcome and lend our full assistance to future enrollees who will in time hopefully go on to become highly capable experts making important contributions to tomorrow’s global economy and society.




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