» International Field Studies

One of the GLP highlights certain to appeal to many students is our short-term overseas field research program which focuses on developing countries in Asia as well as various countries within the EU. This is a practically-oriented project designed to help fulfill our overall program goal of producing university graduates able to occupy positions of leadership in the future, drawing on a crucial set of skills in their professional activities: good awareness of some of the important regional and cultural differences in the real-world global economy, in addition to their formal training in economics, the ability to independently identify socioeconomic problems and search for possible solutions, and last but not least the ability to communicate efficiently and skillfully with various people around the world.


The international field study program is a continuation of our Faculty’s prior “Cultivation of Analysts in International Economics through Regional Studies” program (2009-2012). This older project featured visits to Indonesia (Jakarta, 2010), China (Shanghai and Beijing, 2011) and Vietnam (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, 2012).


In 2013, the program featured an eight-day field study trip to Vietnam, including interviews with representatives of local Japanese companies, visits to actual development aid project sites, as well as to the local offices of governmental and international organizations, and a discussion meeting with students from the Vietnamese Academy of Finance. Through these activities, the students had a great opportunity to learn first-hand about the changing Vietnamese economy, along with some of the current developments and future prospects in foreign direct investment and official development assistance efforts in the country, coming back better informed and more highly motivated to continue their studies. 2014 and 2015 both featured field trips to China (Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai and Qufu). This year’s participants will again be preparing for a visit to China.


Our short-term international field studies require enrollment in two specially designated classes (“International Field Studies” and “Seminar”), conducted with the expert assistance of our GLP lecturers and coordinators. The students do their required preparatory work in the spring and summer quarters (April-July), participate in the actual field trip during the summer vacation/winter intersession and then, over the course of the fall and winter quarters (October-January), work on an English-language report summarizing their activities. 


Two additional projects were implemented between 2013 and 2015: the “Governance and Economy Management in the European Union” series of lectures sponsored by Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) and the MEXT-subsidized “Cultivation of Analysts in EU Economy” program. These two projects allowed us to expand the scope of our international field studies and  start offering our current short-term research program with a focus on Europe. There was an eleven-day trip to Germany and Bulgaria in September 2013, followed by visits to Germany and Denmark (2014), and France, Belgium and Germany (2015), which helped our students deepen their awareness of the changing socio-economic climate of Europe and its relation to the global economy. This year’s participants will be preparing for a research trip to France and Switzerland.


A brand-new project, called “Analysis of International Economic Trends and Examination of Financing Strategies” (2016-2018), is a continuation of our previous SMBC-sponsored program, aiming to further expand the geographical coverage of our overseas research endeavors by including North America, as well as several important emerging nations in today’s global economy.



Reports on Field Studies


Academic Year 2018-2019


Insights into the Socio-economy of Germany and France [PDF: 5.92MB]


2018 China Field Studies (full text in Japanese and English)  [PDF: 43.60MB]


Academic Year 2017-2018


Insights into the Socio-economy of Belgium and France [PDF: 43.37MB]


2017 China Field Studies (full text in Japanese and English)  [PDF: 38.21MB]

2017 China Field Studies (research reports in English) [PDF: 11.80MB]


Academic Year 2016-2017


Insights into the Socio-economy of France and Switzerland [PDF: 6.6MB]


2016 China Field Studies (full text in Japanese and English)  [PDF: 1.5 MB]

2016 China Field Studies (research reports in English) [PDF: 943KB]


Academic Year 2015-2016


Insights into the Socio-economy of France, Belgium and Germany [PDF: 22.5MB]


China 2015 (full text in Japanese and English) [PDF: 7.3MB]

China 2015 (research reports in English) [PDF: 3.3MB]



Academic Year 2014-2015


Insights into the Socio-economy of Germany and Denmark [PDF: 11.4MB]


Insights into People’s Republic of China (full text in Japanese and English)  [PDF: 17.7 MB]

Insights into People’s Republic of China (research reports in English) [PDF: 1.2MB]



Academic Year 2013-2014


Insights into the Socio-economy of Bulgaria and Germany [12.5MB]

Report on Field Studies in Vietnam (text in Japanese, presentation slides in English) [7.7MB]