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Hiroyuki Okamuro

Dean, Graduate School of Economics & Faculty of Economics


















The Faculty of Economics at Hitotsubashi University has hitherto always striven to foster leaders in our economy and society but, as economic life internationalizes ever further, what would it mean to try and cultivate tomorrow’s “global” leaders? One definition of such a leader might be a person who can evaluate his or her own future, as well as the future of hers or his own society, from a whole-world perspective and who can then go on to contribute to the development of that society by leading with business and policy decisions that are relevant to our fast-changing times. Your life and mine are greatly impacted by the globalizing world economy and we urgently need to produce young professionals who can lead us through the complex dynamics of it all and help us prosper―people with excellent communication skills in English and Japanese, coupled with sound professional expertise in economics, who can play roles of leadership in industry, government and academia.


These are some of the reasons why the Faculty of Economics has, since 2013, continually offered its own Global Leaders Program, which aims to foster just such “global leaders”―young people who combine expert knowledge in their economic field with a great ability to express it through the medium of the global language of today. Our students can choose among numerous English Language Skills and Economic Education in English types of courses. They can furthermore participate in our short-term international field studies (in developing Asian countries and the EU), as well as pursue longer-term study-abroad opportunities. Last but not least, our faculty curriculum is systematically developed and globally oriented, while many of our faculty members have doctoral degrees from foreign universities or otherwise possess extensive international experience.


We shall be delighted to lend our full support to future young enrollees who will then hopefully go on to become leading professionals in their respective fields, capable of meaningfully contributing to our global community.




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